Sunday, October 30, 2011

Recycle Sunday 3.0: Timeless non-sports-related blogs

I haven't done this in a while and it feels like I'm about due.  Also It's something easy I can work on while giving most of my attention to the Pats-Steelers game.

- CVS does some pretty sneaky things.

- One of my lasting summer 2011 memories will be this beer can.

- Pucker has created a vodka marketed for children.

- What's the deal with girls carrying bags on their elbows?

- Asking joggers for directions is NOT cool.

- Carrying umbrellas on crowded sidewalks is selfish and inconsiderate.

- The best game of all time for the original Nintendo.

- People do strange things when a storm is on the way.

- Help me decide on a LucidSportsFan Logo.

- Do you remember how awesome the "Ground Round" used to be?

- The top 5 competitive disadvantages for a lefty kid.

- I have an affinity for all things grapefruit.

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