Wednesday, November 2, 2011

There is NO way anybody actually makes $$$ with "google AdSense"

I signed up for google's blogger advertising system "AdSense" a few months ago.  The way it works is google puts up a few ads on the side of the page that they deem appropriate for my readers.  Then they pay me based on viewership.  Now I'm not saying that my page is that amazing or anything, or that there aren't tons of other blogs out there that get way more hits each day.  But dating back to mid-summer, I have made exactly 11 cents.  Total.  That averages out to about .01 cents a day.  So in order for me to even make $10 a day, this blog would have to become about 10,000 times more popular.  One thing I can say for sure is that if I start getting 10,000 times the daily traffic I do now, the last thing I'm going to care about is the ten bucks a day I get from google "AdSense."

So rather than rely on that, I'm going to try to do it on my own.  If you're reading this and think you might want to ADVERTISE ON MY BLOG, email me at and we'll talk.  It'll probably be the best money you've ever spent.


  1. ok this is weird and random, but google emailed me two months ago to tell me i was eligible for adsense revenue sharing for one of my YouTube videos. Low and behold a REALLY crappy video of one of the apps we made suddenly got 50,000 views! I am convinced it is a trick by google, but according to adsense they owe me $115 bucks, yesterday we got over 3,600 views and made a whooping $12.83! it's the lowest quality video ever of our worst app...I honestly don't get it.

  2. hmm. you tube is a weird thing. i have no idea why some things get watched so much. maybe i should start doing more with that, i have an account but have only ever put up like 2 things...


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