Sunday, January 5, 2014

What the $#*& is going on in this creepy Old Spice mom song commercial???

1) I feel bad posting this picture, it's seriously disturbing.  If you have kids, probably don't show it to them.  It looks like Michael Myers from Friday the 13th attached to the back of Meredith from The Office.  As horrifying as this entire ad is, that part in particular will be what gives me nightmares.

2) If you've already seen it, please don't watch it again.  There's just no need for that.

3) And if you haven't, I'm sorry to be the one to subject you to it.

Two more things: I have a theory that commercials don't work, in part because I often don't remember what the funny ones are actually for.  While this ad scares the bejeezus out of me, after seeing it only once there was no chance I was going to forget what the product was.  So in that sense, I guess good job Old Spice?  And I'm not sure why, but this commercial freaks me out in the same way that that Snickers Halloween ad from three years ago did.

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