Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Celtics have forgotten how to shoot, and at the worst possible time

In their last three outings (all losses in which they have failed to score more than 92 points), the Celtics have shot 35-84 (41.7%) vs Atlanta, 32-81 (39.5%) in Chicago, and a pathetic 31-89 (34.8%) against New Orleans last night.  Combined, that's a three game total of 98-254, just 38.6%.

The main culprits have been Jeff Green (14-40, 35%), Jordan Crawford (12-40, 30%), who I jinxed, and Jared Sullinger (9-35, 25.7%), who clearly is having serious trouble with that injured left hand and giant glove he's been wearing to protect it.

Now 13-20, Boston faces an absolutely brutal schedule over their next 12 games (pictured).  The way things are going I fully expect them to be 15-30 three week from now.

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