Thursday, January 2, 2014

So how big of a thing is 'reddit'?

First off, I know it's grammatically correct to put the question mark in the title inside of the quotes, but I hate how it looks that way and it feels illogical (I do the same thing on purpose again later as well).  I'd just put the word "reddit" in italics if I could, but that's not an available option in the title field.

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Anyway, I signed up for reddit yesterday.  I spent a few hours on it last night and this morning, and it seems intriguing.  I also posted my blog from two days ago about the Pats averaging better than a 12-4 record for the last 13 years in the NFL/Patriots forum, which apparently is pretty popular (after I did this I realized you're not really supposed to submit you're own stuff; it's been fairly well received though, so hopefully they won't block me).

Nearly 2,000 people clicked on it today (1,985 to be exact), making this easily the biggest traffic day in the history of, and also making it the single most read post ever in a span of just 24 hours (a few hundred hits more than Amazon is weirdly misrepresenting their Kindle Fire "Mayday Button", which must have contained exactly the right combination of popular but not widely written about search keywords in the title).

So, is reddit a really big deal?  Any advice from people who've been on it a while would be appreciated.


  1. Reddit is a big deal. You've already figured out not to submit links to your own work, so you should be fine. That's usually the biggest mistake new users make. Reddit doesn't want users who only want to promote themselves.

    Now, if there's a comment thread about a certain topic that you've written about then you could respond with a comment and say something like "I've written more about this on my blog if you care to read it," and post the link. With specific subreddits like r/Patriots, you can probably get away with more. Larger communities like r/pics or r/videos are much harder to please. Just take your time to explore Reddit before diving in too quickly. I can assure you that you'll become addicted soon enough.

  2. That is all very helpful, thank you! Also, you may like this:

  3. People will downvote your links and, under extreme circumstances, self-promoters have been banned. Those were people who worked at large companies and tried to secretly promote their brand though.

    And that's exactly the acceptable way to link to your own content on Reddit. Just feel it out and you'll get the hang of it soon enough.

  4. Great, thanks! The link I posted to this blog on the r/patriots feed got like 70 up votes and only 10 down votes, so I'm hoping that won't be a problem?

  5. It'll only be a problem if you post your own content too often and only post your own content. Be active so that the other people in r/Patriots know who you are and know what to expect from you.

  6. Thanks, the help and advice is very much appreciated!


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