Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Ruby Soho" by Rancid: Awesome Old Song of the Week

Rancid landed two big hits in 1995 from their album "...And Out Come the Wolves," Time Bomb, and Ruby Soho.  While Time Bomb was probably a little catchier, I have to give a slight edge to Ruby Soho for being the cooler of the two.

I'll admit, I never really got into that whole ska/punk rock thing that was huge in the mid '90s, and for the most part I only took a liking to the songs from the genre that crossed the boundaries into mainstream pop.  I'm sure Rancid had plenty of other good tunes that their real fans enjoyed, they're just not for me.

Also, you may have noticed I switched the title to put the song and group before "Awesome Old Song of the Week."  I've been reading up on SEO and keyword strategies, and supposedly this is going to make a difference.

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