Thursday, September 26, 2013

There are other hot peppers besides jalapenos

This post fits into the category of "my bar/restaurant pet peeves."  Some of it's predecessors include etiquette for tipping on "to go"orders, the concept of "buying rounds" (and how to do it), what should go in a snifter, what to do if your server isn't standing right in front of you the instant you want something, and the myth of "skinny girl" drinks.

I realize I probably sound like a whiny bartender, and this one may be the worst of all, but it's something that irks me so I am going to write about it.  We have over 100 tequilas at the restaurant I work at, and all of them are good.  If you walk in and order a margarita with Jose Cuervo, you're actually getting a worse drink than what I would have made you anyway.  Cuervo Gold used to be an up-sell/premium tequila back before good tequilas became prominent.  But now that they are, Cuervo is garbage by comparison.  Now I'm using this tequila analogy to set up my main point: When you're in a high-end tequila bar, asking if I can make a jalapeno margarita is kind of like asking for a Cuervo Gold margarita.

Jalapenos were the first chili pepper to gain mainstream popularity, but now there are tons of other good ones that are readily available; pasilla, poblano, chipotle, morita, serrano, habanero, etc, just to name a few.  I've been making spicy margaritas since 2005, and I've never used jalapenos, they're old and boring.

So if spicy tequila is your thing (and it should be, it's totally awesome), I highly recommend not buying something like what's pictured above.  Instead go to the store, pick out a pepper (most of them cost around twelve cents, literally), chop it up, and throw it in the bottle of whatever tequila you choose (preferably not Jose Cuervo Gold).

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