Monday, September 23, 2013

Bizarre day for sports headlines

To the right are the top sports headlines from earlier today.  There's often a weird one in the bunch from time to time, but it's pretty rare to get two so unusual.

Now to clarify, it was a champagne bottle that the Baltimore Ravens Jacoby Jones was hit over the head with.  Unfortunately what he did exactly to incite the wrath of a stripper on the party bus he was riding late Sunday night/early Monday morning is not included in the story.

As far as Arizona Cardinals Rashad Johnson's missing fingertip is concerned, it's not actually lost at all; the team's training staff found it (with the nail still intact) in the glove they removed from his hand.  Johnson is not sure how the injury occurred, he just knows his hand went numb and started bleeding profusely after making a tackle.  Last night Johnson underwent surgery in which the bone in his middle finger was shaved down, and the remaining skin was stitched shut around it.  According to the report "there were no plans to reattach the finger."

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