Friday, July 19, 2013

Jose Iglesias' season is already a success

Earlier this week I wrote about the likelihood of the Red Sox making the playoffs, even if they don't play as well after the All-Star break.  Today I'm doing a similar analysis of Jose Iglesias.  At the moment he's batting an absurd .367, despite being in the midst of a mini 1 for 12 slump.  He's played in 53 games this season with 66 hits 180 at bats, for an average of 3.4 AB's per game.  If he continues at that pace for Boston's final 65 games, he'll get roughly 220 more at bats, giving him 400 for the season.  

Odds are Iglesias won't keep hitting .367; probably not even close (check out what I wrote back when he was hitting .431).  But the thing is, his average is so high already that his finals numbers are practically guaranteed to be impressive.  If he bats just .250 the rest of the way (55 for 220) he'll still finish at .303 for the season.  Even if he only hits .200 from here on out, he'll still end the year at .275.  Before the season started if Sox fans were told Iglesias would get 400 at bats and hit .275 they would have taken it in a heart beat.


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