Monday, July 15, 2013

With 65 games to go, the Red Sox are in pretty good shape

It's the MLB All-Star break, and the Red Sox lead their division with the best record in the American League, at 58-39.  Boston has already played 97 games, and has just 65 remaining in the "second half."  The Sox current win percentage (.598) projects them to finish at 98-64.  Second place Tampa Bay (55-41) is on track to win 92-93 games, as is the other wild card leader, Texas (54-41).  After that the AL's next best team, Baltimore at 53-43, is on pace for an 89-73 record.

It's a safe bet to assume that winning 93 games will be good enough to make the playoffs.  Boston can accomplish this by going just 35-30 the rest of the way.  At the moment a .556 winning percentage (90 wins) is all that would be necessary to snag the final playoff spot, which the Sox can actually get to even if they play under .500 (32-33) from here on out.  Either way, you have to like their chances; not bad for a club picked to finished last in the AL East.
"I figure it's gonna take 32 more victories to win this thing. Every time we win, we peel a section."  
 - Lou Brown, fictional 1989 Cleveland Indians manager



  1. This Major League blog came out last week. Not sure if you saw it:

  2. Wow, hadn't seen that, thanks! Pretty amazing stuff! A few errors in it bug me though: Twice (at the beginning and at the end) it refers to winning the "AL East pennant," which as you know isn't a thing. Then it says for that scene I wrote about when they decide they need to win 32 more games that they're record was 60-60; but it wasn't, it was 60-61 (I can't believe I remember that). And there's also a typo when it says "swapped or" instead of "swapped for," but now I'm just being nitpicky...


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