Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Recliners in movie theaters are slightly disturbing

I saw World War Z in 3D last night; it's a pretty good flick, definitely worth watching.  But the thing that made the experience blog worthy was the theater full of recliners (not to mention the fact that you had to chose where you wanted to sit in advance, and the tickets had row/seat numbers on them; that's new).  While the chairs were very impressive and extremely comfortable, I also found them a little creepy.

They were set up in pairs with two armrests on the outside, but a single one in the middle that could be lifted up.  Combine that with the recliners going all the way back and the footrests coming up, and you've got yourself a nice double bed to lie on.  It enables and elevates the "teenagers making out in a movie theater" cliche to a whole new level.  Several people around me were also putting up their feet and taking off their shoes.

A while ago I wrote about movie theaters becoming obsolete, so in order to stay in business it makes perfect sense that they are trying to make the experience as similar to your living room as possible.  But the recliners add an odd level of comfort/familiarity that doesn't seem right in a giant room full of strangers.


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