Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tales of Public Transportation on Labor Day Weekend

This is a two part story about my bus trip the other day from Boston to the Cape:

Part 1:  A minute before the bus started boarding, the lady in front of me in line asked if I would "watch her bag for a second."  I said "OK," and she ran off.  But then the line started to move, and fast.  About 30 seconds later I had to make a decision.

So what was my moral obligation here?  If it was moving slowly I would have dragged her suitcase alongside me for a bit.  But there was no way I was going to bring it on the bus with me.  I left it exactly where it was.  In my defense, I did continue to "watch" it as I boarded.  There was a brief moment when the bag was just sitting there looking like a bomb in the middle of the terminal.  But then she returned and everything worked out fine.

Part 2:  The guy in the seat in front of me spent half of the trip talking on his phone in a language I didn't understand.  Some other people got pissed and asked him to stop, but it appeared he didn't understand English.  When he finally finished talking he then began to watch TV on his phone, also in some foreign language; with the sound turned up and no headphones (despite the fact that the driver tells you not to, it should also just be common sense to know these things are unacceptable behavior).  More people got mad and asked him to turn it off, but he couldn't seem to find the volume switch on his phone.  Not only that, but this guy was wearing a bicycle helmet the entire time he was on the bus.  Seriously.


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