Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I need YOU to help me today.

It's late august, and is feeling the effects of summer.  There's not a lot going on in the sports world; and most people are outside enjoying the nice weather instead of sitting at their computers reading about things like why this year's USA Basketball team was better than the 1992 "Dream Team." 
Take a break from summer today.

So here's what I ask of you: Get one person to visit this site who never has before.  A coworker, a friend, a relative, the little Asian lady giving you a pedicure; anybody.  Maybe have them read one of the "Recycle Sunday" posts, they've got something for everyone.  That and follow @LucidSportsFan on twitter or like the LucidSportsFan facebook page if you haven't already.

Also this season I will be covering the Celtics for CLNS Radio.  One of the things I'll be doing from time to time is compiling a list of daily Celtics news links from around the web; here's my first.

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