Sunday, August 26, 2012

Which would you rather watch?

The bar I work in has two TV's, one at each end.  Several times over the last few weeks I haven't even bothered to put the Red Sox game on, and nobody noticed or complained.  Last night I had the Sox on one TV, and 50 year old Roger Clemens pitching for the Sugarland Skeeters on the other.  This led to a humorous interaction with an older couple who came to the bar.

As soon as they sat down the guy said "Why is this on instead of the Red Sox?"  There was a hint of aggression in the tone of his voice, and I did not care for it.  It's a totally normal reaction to feel that way if you don't like what's on TV in a bar (I do all the time), but that is not an appropriate thing to say to the bartender.  Instead he should have asked something along the lines of "Would you mind changing this television to the Red Sox game?"  His question put me into sarcastic/obnoxious bartender mode, so I responded "I thought the Sox season ended last week?"  They were not amused.  The women looked at me dead seriously and said, "No, I think they are playing Kansas City."

I'm not a Clemens fan, but he was more entertaining than the Sox.
At this point I laughed and said "I know.  I have the Red Sox on the other TV (pointing 15 feet to the left).  This is Roger Clemens pitching for a minor league team.  I thought it was more interesting."  Again, without a hint of amusement in her voice, she replied "It's not."

Now I'm as big a Sox fan as anyone.  If this was the season opener, a playoff game, or really anything other than a meaningless late season game playing out the string, I would have agreed with them.  But come on lady; get off your high horse and lighten up.  So I walked over to the other bartender, told him the story, made fun of them for a bit, waited a few minutes, then changed the channel.

Oh, and for the record, the Red Sox blew a 9-3 lead and lost 10-9 in twelve innings.  Clemens pitched 3.1 scoreless innings while throwing in the high 80's, struck out two, gave up just one hit, and didn't walk anyone.  You be the judge.


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