Sunday, January 8, 2012

Recycle Sunday 4.0: Some recent blogs I'm proud of.

This is pretty self-explanatory:

- I wonder if I should get Tommy John surgery to help fix my bartending?

- Did I accurately forecast the end of "Tebow-mania?"

- I wish escalators had never been invented.

- Hands down the best Halloween costume I saw this year.

- My predictions about the Penn State mess as it was happening.

- The Patriots 13-3 record this season adds to their continued run of dominance.

- After much deliberation, the best type of cracker is revealed.

- A radical idea to revolutionize the Major League Baseball playoffs.

- People who come into my bar like whatever I want them to.

- I have trouble comprehending the existence of real life Quidditch.

- Statistical proof that Lebron can't possibly be the best player in the NBA.

- Other good stuff from the 2nd "Recycle Sunday" and version 3.0 as well.

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