Monday, January 9, 2012

Deja Vu in Denver

Four weeks ago "Tebow-mania" was at an all time high.  The Broncos had just won their 6th straight game, and despite unimpressive numbers, people were irrationally crediting Tim Tebow for the unlikely victories. I even speculated that his improbable success could be a danger to humanity.  But the the following weekend Denver hosted the Patriots, got steamrolled, and came crashing back down to earth.  The Broncos lost their next two games after that as well, largely due to Tebow's ineffectiveness leading the offense.

But after Denver's surprising victory over the Steelers yesterday, people seem to have forgotten all over again that Tim Tebow is just not very good at throwing the football.  The one stat nobody is focusing on today; 10 for 21.  Yet again Tebow was unable to complete even half of his passes.  On the other hand, it was pretty impressive the way he sacked Ben Roethlisbeger twice on the final drive of regulation, knocking Pittsburgh out of field goal range and sending the game to overtime, despite standing on the sidelines the whole time.  And maybe I'm not giving Tebow enough credit for willing Demaryius Thomas to throw that ridiculous stiff-arm, then allowing him to out run two Steelers for 65 yards to win the game.  Hmm...

So now we're back to exactly where we were 4 weeks ago.  The Broncos are headed to New England, and the nonsensical Tebow bandwagon is up and running again.  It reminds me of that quote, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results."

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