Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ever had "Golden French Toast" flavored coffee?

I first discovered it four years ago when I lived in Charlestown, they had it at the Store-24 at the end of Main St.  It's amazing, easily the best coffee I have ever had.  That winter I walked ten minutes out of my way all the time just to get a cup of it.  And then spring came and it was gone.  I'm not sure why the folks at Green Mountain Coffee decided it should only be a seasonal winter flavor, but they did.  Then I moved to the west coast for a while and kind of forgot about it.

Last year I moved back to Boston, and when I found myself in Charlestown one day I went looking for it.  But the Store-24 is now a Tedeschi's, and they didn't have the french toast flavored coffee.  So then I decided to make it my mission to find it, and after a brief search I was able to find a bag at Shaws.  I finished it off sometime last March, and by then it was no longer in stores.  So when winter came around this year I started eagerly looking for it.  But it's gone.  I can't find it anywhere.  Not even on the magical interweb.  I asked my mom to get it for me for Christmas, and she's about as resourceful a person as I know; but still no luck.  So, if you have it, please share it with me.  Or if you know where to get, it let me know.  And not those single serving K-cup things.  I know those exist.  The real ground stuff in a bag.

1/15 UPDATE: So apparently the folks at Green Mountain heard my plea, because it's now for sale on their website.  Last time I checked, it wasn't.  I promise.

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