Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is anyone else annoyed by iphone group texts?

Even though I don't have one, iphones have been really pissing me off lately.  It has something to do with the way they are programmed to send group text messages, and the fact that they don't translate well to droids.  I'm not really sure what the cause of this is, but the problem is two-fold:

1. Anytime I get a group text from someone with an iphone it starts with the heading "New Message," and I don't see the actual text of the message until I click on it.  This is moderately annoying, but the lesser of the two issues.

2. As best as I can figure, the format of the iphone allows other people with iphones to "reply all" to the group text without realizing it; because I am constantly getting responses to the original text that have nothing to do with me, from numbers I don't recognize.  I'm not sure if the fault lies mostly with the person, the phone itself, or a combination of both.

Regardless, this has got to be happening to tons of other people too, right?  So either iphone users need to smarten up, or the designers need to get this fixed, because I don't think the droid market is going to disappear anytime soon.  If you have any thoughts on this or more info to add to the subject, please weigh in!


  1. It is sooooooooo annoying. You have to manually program your iphone to disable group replies. Nothing irks me more than getting a text from a friend and then dealing with four random follow ups from strange numbers.

  2. Friend: "hey everyone...I got new phone, here's the number ###-###-####."

    Me(in head): "Oh, ok, I'll program that in. Good for him. I wonder if I should change his nickname..."

    Random Girl: "Oh, what. It's Mary Lou Who (or whatever her stupid name was) blah blah blah blah"

    Me: "Goddammit"


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