Thursday, March 3, 2011


i'm totally blown away by the national media's (mostly espn tv people) view of kendrick perkins.  i get why boston fans would be pissed he's gone, he was tough, mean, a fan favorite, one of our guys.  but seriously, he's not bill russell.  all over the place i hear how the thunder are contenders to win the west now that they have perkins.  they might well be, but not cause of this trade.  if OKC is any better now then they we're before, i'll be shocked (part of me also wants to think that my former jv hoops teammate and current OKC gm sam presti is still a celtic's fan at heart).  on the other end of this trade, after watching 3 games, i'm not convinced the celts are any worse off with nenad kristic at center instead of perk.  maybe kristic isn't as tough on D and doesn't rebound as well, but he hits jumpers, stretches the defense, and makes free throws.  and everybody seems to forget that perk always got pulled for big baby in crunch time.

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