Friday, March 4, 2011

how tall do you have to be to guarantee you can play in the NBA?

I have a theory that anyone who is 7 ft tall can play in the NBA.  The reason I think this is that you just don't see random 7 foot tall guys walking around.  I mean never.  Well tonight a guy walked into my bar and I thought to myself "holy crap, that guy is legit 7 feet tall."  For a second I thought my theory was shot.  I told all this to the other bartender, and she laughed at me and said "I know him, he actually did play in the NBA."  I just looked it up, Paul Grant, first went to BC, transferred to Wisconsin, drafted #20 overall by Minnesota in 1997.  Theory confirmed.  On another note, I went to a Bullets game once where Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues stood next to each other during the national anthem, ridiculous.  I also ran into Manute at a blackjack table at Mohegan Sun a few years back.  He didn't really think it was funny when I tried to get him to stand back-to-back with my buddy Cliffy to see who was taller.

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