Thursday, March 3, 2011

BYU honor code

if you don't know the basics of this story, click here:  anyway, espn sportsnation has a poll out right now, "could you live under the BYU honor code for one year?"  interestingly the western half of the country mostly said yes, the eastern half no (results here:  but i think they asked the wrong question.  i'm pretty should i COULD do it for a year, but why?  i think the real question is "would you consider yourself better off if you did?"  to me it's crazy and reminiscent of some sort of third world dictatorship.  the fact that any cognizant person, let alone a college student, would voluntarily agree to it blows my mind.  the kid got kicked off the team for having sex with his girlfriend, not a hooker.  mormons, wow.

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