Saturday, March 5, 2011

miller lite ad execs are either total idiots or sneaky brilliant

so i'm sure everybody knows the commercials where some d-bag guy doesn't care how his beer tastes, and the hot chick bartender gives him a generic crappy beer instead of miller lite (to me that in itself is the funny part of the commercial).  there's sunglasses at night guy, guy in a skirt, guy in a speedo, guy in dragon clothes, etc.  but the ad i hate is the one with skinny jeans guy.  skinny jeans guy gets his beer, then goes back to his friends and says "is the score still 21-32?"  his buddy then delivers the punch line "yeah, just like you jean size."  in the history of guys sitting around in a bar watching football, nobody has EVER said "is the score still 21-32?"  anyone who is even the slightest bit of a sports fan knows you always say the leading score first.  always.  assuming the target demographic is guys like me who watch sports and drink beer, then this ad is stupid and annoying.  on the other hand, if this add is actually targeting the girlfriends/wives of beer drinking/sports watching guys, it may be genius.

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  1. Congrats on starting the blog. My take on Miller Lite marketers generally is that they are total idiots, not because of these commercials, but during the low-carb craze nobody there thought to mention that they had by far the lowest calories and carbs of any beer on the market. The Mich Ultra came out and cornered that whole market. Compare the stats on those two labels -- the carb difference is negligible. If they would be honest and say that Miller Lite is the beer you drink when you're watching your weight and your wallet, and you really don't care that much how it tastes, I think it would be more effective. I bet you started selling a lot more Bacardi & Diets when Bacardi started advertising they had no carbs.


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