Saturday, July 16, 2016

My thoughts on what the Celtics might offer in a trade for Russell Wetbrook or Blake Griffin

This past week there were rumors of the Celtics trying to swing deals with the Thunder for Russell Westbrook, and the Clippers for Blake Griffin.  We posted roundtable articles on in which our writers suggested what Boston might have to give up for Westbrook and Griffin.  Below are my thoughts on each.

Westbrook is a free agent after next season (Griffin could be too):

"I think this is still a deal worth pursuing even with no guarantees [of him re-signing in Boston]. Al Horford is 30 and isn't getting any younger. Next year could well be his best season with the Celtics, why not make the most of it? 
If the Thunder deal Westbrook before the season starts, my guess is they're throwing in the towel on 2016-17 and may well try to tank. I think they'll go for potential more than established players, so C's get to keep Isaiah, Bradley and Crowder. Here's the offer: Smart, Amir Johnson (for salary purposes), 2017 Brooklyn pick, 2018 Celtics pick and two or three of Rozier, Yabusele, Zizic, Mickey, Hunter and Young, depending on who OKC wants. 
Even if Westbrook walks in 2017 you've still got a solid core of Isaiah, Bradley, Brown, Crowder, Horford and the 2018 Nets pick, plus tons of cap room on a team that at the very least just played in the conference finals."

The Griffin rumor included a three-way deal with the Kings, and was reportedly possible without the Celtics giving up either of their Nets draft picks in the next two years:

"The three-team trade might be what makes it possible for Boston to hang on to both Brooklyn picks because Rudy Gay is the centerpiece of what's going to LA:
-Celtics get Griffin
-Clippers get Gay, Bradley [Clippers GM Doc Rivers' guy], Celtics 2018 pick and some form of Young/Hunter/Mickey
-Kings get Amir Johnson, Ante Zizic and Terry Rozier
Even if Celtics lose Blake after a year, they still have Isaiah, Smart, Brown, Crowder, Horford and two Nets picks."

The key part of both deals for me is the Celtics leaving themselves in good position for the future, even if the star they trade for walks after one year.  It's likely a gamble worth taking either way--if they can pull it off.

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