Thursday, July 14, 2016

Blake Griffin to Celtics rumor gaining steam, is Kevin Love still a possibility?

From Sean Deveney of the Sporting News:

"The Celtics are up to something. Talk to any front-office executive here at the annual Summer League festivities, and the consensus is that a major deal involving Boston is coming soon." 
"...sources told Sporting News that [Russell] Westbrook’s representatives have been given no word of a potential deal." 
"The likely target for the Celtics, according to front-office sources, is Clippers forward Blake Griffin. The Clippers have been weighing trading Griffin all season, and the possibility of a three-team package involving Sacramento sending Rudy Gay to the Clippers has emerged. The Celtics would give up some number of their upcoming draft picks, but opposing front-office members say they don't want to give up either Brooklyn pick Boston can own in the next two years." 
"The other bit of speculation on the Celtics front is Kevin Love. While several front-office types brought up Love as a Celtics target, none believed that Love would possibly come available in the wake of the Cavs’ championship. Cleveland winning the title has greatly reduced the Kevin Love rumor-mill."

On the Love front, it doesn't sound as if there is anything new here--it's probably just Deveney mentioning a name people have associated with Boston in the past.  In regard's to Griffin, however, this is the same version of a deal we discussed on CelticsLife Tuesday (mentioned by Keith Smith).  It was easy to write off then, but Deveney bringing it up as well makes me think there's actually something too it.

Imagine the possibility of the Celtics getting Griffin without giving up either of their upcoming Nets picks?  Sign me up.  On the other hand, maybe that's the deal breaker that keeps this from actually happening...

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