Friday, July 8, 2016

I'll pass on Summer Ale popsicles (even though they do sound kind of good)

I will say this--these things actually look pretty tasty and this is definitely a solid marketing attempt by Sam Adams:

However, there are two major flaws with the recipe (click the link above):

1.  It requires juicing a bunch of lemons and grapefruits, as well as shaving zest from the peels.  I'm guessing the type of person with a kitchen set up to juice and zest fresh fruit is generally not the type of person interested in beer-sicles.  It reminds me of this graphic (and the accompanying blog) from three years ago:

2.  If I'm making boozy popsicles out of lemons and grapefruits (with a bunch of sugar too), Summer Ale would not be my liquor of choice to add.  Vodka seems like a much more efficient and cost-effective option.

Here's my alternate suggestion for you, Sam Adams: Put the fresh juice and lemon zest in the beer yourself and brew a nice grapefruit summer shandy.  I'll buy a ton of those.

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