Thursday, February 18, 2016

The NBA All-Star break is just too long

Officially the NBA All-Star break is seven days, but for most teams it's actually eight or nine (there were only two games last Thursday, and just three on the schedule tonight).  The Celtics haven't taken the floor since Wednesday February 10, and they don't play again until tomorrow night (February 19).  It's just silly to give a basketball team nine days off in the middle of a season--especially considering Game 7 of the Finals isn't scheduled until June 19, nearly eight months from opening night.

Major League Baseball's All-Star break lasts four days.  In the NHL, it's six.  Why should the NBA have one that's so much longer?

It's LeBron James' fault.  Two years ago he whined about not getting enough of a vacation during the break (which only lasted five days in 2013-14), so Adam Silver made it longer.  Unfortunately, basketball fans are now forced to sit around and wonder why there aren't any games this week.

Maybe now that the league belongs to Steph Curry instead of LeBron, Silver can go back to the old schedule going forward?

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