Monday, February 15, 2016

This commercial bugs me so much

The above ad irritates me for several reasons:

1. "The Andersons" are already at "the game" sitting in their seats at what appears to be a crowded arena, so it's likely about to start.  This other family is just leaving the house now--how are they ever going to get there in time?  It'd be one thing if they lived across the street or something, but the husband says "grab the keys" so I'm assuming they're driving.  Just the time it'll take to park and get through the gates alone at a sold-out NBA game will make them late, regardless of how long their ride is.

2.  This game is sold out and is a big enough deal that it's referred to simply as "the game" (so it's probably either the playoffs or a matchup with a major rival), but nobody in this family cares enough on their way out the door to grab a single item of clothing that represents the team they're cheering for?

3.  This is the worst of all, what kind of moron is this dad who thinks he can't get tickets because the game is sold out?  Is this commercial actually from 1987 and nobody told me?  Or maybe he's never once been on the internet before until the second his son shows him

Nice work, you just solved an issue that hasn't actually been a problem for decades.


  1. especially when the boy's voice cracks when he says "and". But yes this the worst of them.

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  3. It bugs me as well for all the reasons mentioned and one more. Why does the dad say "Your dad's a genius"? Thats the worst part of all. The dad is clearly an idiot, and it wasn't even his idea, it was his son's. He could've at least said you are a genius and given his son some credit.

    1. Ageed. And I can't believe this ad is still running...

  4. I just hate that it's still running. It's been a while and it's annoying that they can't make a new one. Please make a new ad or stop this repetitive spot.


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