Thursday, December 10, 2015

Remember iced tea flavored Gatorade? + Is Crystal Pepsi back or not?

I recently had a conversation about whether or not this a product actually existed.  In fact, the only photo available on the internet of iced tea Gatorade appears to be this out-of-focus key chain.

But I assure you, it was real, and it actually tasted pretty good.  I remember drinking Gatorade Iced Tea Cooler at high school tennis matches 20 years ago.

On a related note, Crystal Pepsi appears to have officially returned today.  However, you have to win a contest in order to get some (maybe the lamest contest ever?):

Whether or not Crystal Pepsi will once again be sold in stores remains unclear.


  1. No, it was real. I even remember the volleyball commercial they had for this and it had the lyrics "Take a T...a Gatorade time's iced tea flavor, it's new from Gatorade..."

    I actually liked the flavor and I'm surprised it was discontinued very quickly. This was spring time in 1993 because I remember I was in the fourth grade.

    On a side note, I believe Gatorade flavors all used to taste better in the 90's and when they were served in glass bottles.

  2. They had it in TX in 1987. I remember because I got a large one to drink for a sonogram while I was pregnant. It didn't last long here either.

  3. Yes, this was definitely one of my favorites. I used to drink it in high school at track practice and track meets back in the early to mid 90s. Awesome taste!!

  4. I also remember it, I loved the taste of it, hell I just dreamed about it lol and then had to google to see if it was still out there anywhere. I was a kid as well, but it was actually my preference of Gatorade back then.



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