Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Getting elected to the PawSox Hall of Fame sounds like 'a kinda dubious honor'

On Monday, the Triple-A Pawtucket Red Sox announced they'll be creating their own Hall of Fame.  From the official press release:

The PawSox Hall of Fame will recognize the outstanding careers of former PawSox players, managers, coaches, broadcasters, and executives. A selection committee comprising Pawtucket Red Sox and Boston Red Sox staff, past and present media personnel, area business leaders, and representatives from the community will be responsible for electing candidates.


What immediately comes to mind is this conversation from Bull Durham (Unfortunately I can't find a clip on YouTube):

Annie: I looked up your records -- You've hit 227 home runs in the minors. That's great!
Crash: Don't tell anybody.
Annie: Why not? If you hit twenty homers this year you'll be the all time minor league champ! The record's 246.
Crash: 247 home runs in the minors would be a kinda dubious honor, if ya think about it.

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