Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NBA's Conference Finals participants have gone a combined 161 years without a championship

Rick Barry's Warriors beat the Bullets in '75 Finals.
The Cleveland Cavaliers joined the NBA for the 1970-71 season.  In 44 years of existence, they've never won a title.  The Atlanta Hawks last won a championship as the St. Louis Hawks, 57 years ago in 1957-58.  The Golden State Warriors' title drought extends for 40 seasons, back to 1974-75.

And finally, the Houston Rockets most recently won it all 20 years ago, in 1994-95 (had the Los Angeles Clippers not choked away a 3-1 lead last round, they'd be in the West Finals with the same 44 years of ineptitude as the Cavs).

Combined, the four Conference Finals participants have played 161 consecutive seasons of NBA basketball without winning a championship.

There's also this:

Regardless of how these playoffs turn out, it's clearly a break from the mold.

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