Monday, March 16, 2015

Could the NBA's sleeved jersey experiment finally and mercifully be coming to an end?

It was a little over two years ago that the NBA first announced it would give sleeved jerseys a try.  One year later the Celtics donned them for St. Patrick's Day.  This season Boston brought them back, and added an ever-more-awful grey t-shirt to their uniform rotation as well (both pictured on Marcus Smart, above).

I saw a tweet last week that perfectly sums up this whole sleeved jersey fiasco.  The league is pushing them hard--but in all the games I've been to as a Celtics season ticket holder, I've never actually seen anybody wear one.

Adidas, long known for it's success in soccer apparel, has made NBA jerseys since 2006.  Today the company announced that it will not pursue a new uniform contract with the league when the current one expires in 2017.  Hopefully the soccer-style sleeved jerseys will die with it.

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