Saturday, February 7, 2015

What if only teams with winning records made the NBA playoffs?

The Celtics are 19-31, yet somehow they are still just two games out of the playoff race in the Eastern Conference.  Meanwhile over in the West, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder are three games back of the No. 8 spot despite being and even .500 (25-25).

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said this week that he's open to the idea of changing the postseason format so that the best 16 teams in the league get in, regardless of conference.  I have another idea:

Only teams with winning records make the playoffs--and there is no set number for how many can qualify.  I realize this will never happen, but imagine how fun it'd be.  The East might get just six playoff teams this year, while the West could end up with 10.  In that case the top two seeds in the East would have byes in Round 1, as would the top four in the West.  No club would be eliminated from the postseason until it lost its 41st game.

I guess a No. 1 seed tanking a game late in the year to the No. 9 seed in order to earn a bye might be an issue, as could one conference having to play an entire extra round.  But so what, the end of the regular season would be nuts!

There's probably several other major flaws as well with this idea for the NBA, but I definitely think a similar plan could work for MLB.

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