Monday, February 2, 2015

Did Bill Belichick's clock decision cause Seattle's botched play call?

After Tom Brady went all "greatest living American" Tom Brady to lead the Patriots to consecutive touchdown drives in the fourth quarter (13-for-15, 2 TDs, 8-for-8 on the final drive), I was screaming at the television in the game's final minute when Bill Belichick wasn't going to give Brady one last chance to perform his magic.

Malcolm Butler's interception.
The Seahawks had a 2nd and goal at the one yard line with a minute remaining.  They were going to run the ball into the end zone on the next play.  New England had two time outs left.  About to fall behind 31-28, the Patriots needed to stop the clock to give Brady an opportunity for one more miraculous comeback.

But they didn't.

I watched in horror as 35 precious seconds ticked away.  Seattle snapped the ball with only 26 seconds to go.  Now this is only speculation on my part, but I'm willing to bet Pete Carroll changed his game plan when it became clear Belichick wasn't going to use the timeouts.

And because of that, all of these amazing and wonderful things happened:


  1. One of the greatest sporting moments in Boston sports history.

    1. Wow! I think I'm still waiting for it to fully sink in!

    2. Sometimes that sensation of disbelief never goes away, Mark.

      There's a part of (what's left of) my brain that doesn't believe Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS is really over!!

    3. Good call. And an excellent example.


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