Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The game-saving Super Bowl play we've already forgotten about

The Seahawks had scored the last 17 points.  New England had only managed two 1st downs in the second half.  The clocking was ticking away.  With under 12 minutes to go in the game the Patriots got the ball trailing by 10 in must-score mode.

Tom Brady was sacked for an eight-yard loss on the first play of the drive.  One play later the Pats faced a 3rd and 14 from their own 28 yard line with 10:58 remaining.  It was the bleakest moment of the night (if you believe "win expectancy numbers this was the low-point of the game, just 3.5%).

But then Brady stepped up in the pocket and threw this dart to Julian Edelman, who somehow hung on to the ball despite likely receiving mild concussion.

New England suddenly became unstoppable for the next 10 minutes and scored two consecutive touchdowns sandwiched around a three-and-out for the defense.  The 3rd and 14 play made it all happen (jump to the 11:24 mark of this video):


  1. Not sure why Edelman didn't receive consideration for MVP. He had a huge game, was concussed for 4th Q (i don't believe the reports), and had so many vital plays like the one above ... yeah, yeah Tom Brady is a good looking man, but Edelman was such a key part of that win. Don't think they would have won that game withouht him. And Brady threw 2 horrible picks.

    1. Yeah, was talking to a non-Pats fan in the bar tonight, ad he said "the Patriots played a perfect game except for Brady's two picks." The 13-15 in the 4th and 8-8 on the final drive won it for him though...

  2. ha, yeah that's not a bad 4th quarter for a SB


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