Sunday, January 11, 2015

I hate pass interference in the NFL (as well as my highlights from the Patriots' win)

Luckily the Patriots became the first team in NFL history to come back from a 14-point deficit twice to win a playoff game, otherwise I'd be a lot more bothered by this today.  Before I go on my rant about pass interference, here are my two favorite things about Saturday's remarkable Pats' victory:

1. Somehow they won without ever handing the ball off to a running back in the second half.  Tom Brady had one quarterback sneak for a first down, New England's only rushing play after halftime.

2. The Patriots drafted Julian Edelman, a QB from Kent State, in the seventh round in 2009.  Then they waited six years for the perfect opportunity to let him throw a pass.  That's what I call patience.  His career passing numbers: 1-1, 51 yards, 1 touchdown.

I've written about how terrible pass interference in the NFL is many times before.  But when it looked like the Pats were going to lose yesterday, my abhorrence for the rule had reached the point that I was planning to title this blog "Why I hate the NFL."

With 32 seconds remaining in the first half and the game tied 14-14, the Ravens had the ball at the New England 44-yard line.  Joe Flacco lobbed a pass down the sideline to Steve Smith, who stuck his arm out into Darrelle Revis then took a dive out of bounds.  A bogus PI penalty was called on Revis, Baltimore was awarded 20 free yards, and three plays later the Ravens were up 21-14.

On New England's first drive of the second half the Pats had a third and six at their own 30-yard line.  Brady threw to Rob Gronkowski, who was unable to get anywhere near the ball because C.J. Mosley grabbed his arms from behind.  It was blatant pass interference that went uncalled, the Patriots punted, and Baltimore took a 28-14 lead on its next drive.

The combination of these two calls probably should have determined the outcome of the game.  I hate that.


  1. Re. your tweet: Back in the mid-60's an RB named Tom Matte had to play QB for the old Baltimore Colts for a couple of games -- including playoffs -- when both their regulars (one was Johnny Unitas) were injured. Don Shula was the coach.

    There are a lot of reasons to be disgusted with the NFL these days -- the Pats-Ravens game this weekend is literally the only game I've paid any attention to this season.

    As much as I'm disgusted by what Ray Rice did, I so wish he'd sue Roger Goodell (not the league, RG himself) for libel and/or slander. I understand that he wants to continue playing ... but I can't fathom how he could lose such a case.

  2. My Ravens issues go back to the Ray Lewis murder trial. I can't believe he's on TV.


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