Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When you drop change, do you pick it up?

Recently I was sitting in a sandwich shop having lunch, and a lady dropped a few coins on her way out the door.  Someone pointed and said "you lost your change," but she just kept on walking and never looked back.

I glanced down and saw two pennies and a nickel on the floor, and I didn't bother to pick it up either.  Her decisiveness was impressive to me; she knew she didn't care about that seven cents, and had no trouble admitting it wasn't worth her time and effort to bend over and get it.

I completely agree with this line of though (check out Coins are pretty much stupid these days), and when I spot change on the ground I don't pick up anything besides quarters, which I use for laundry.  But, when I drop it myself, for some reason I feel socially obligated to retrieve it if there's other people around who notice.  Since it has no value to me, doesn't it come off like littering to just leave it there?  Vote in the poll below:

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