Sunday, August 24, 2014

Awesome Old Song of the Week: "I'll Be You're Shelter" by Taylor Dayne

Once I'd made the decision to go with Taylor Dayne this week, I admittedly still had a tough time deciding which of her songs to choose.  Tell it to My Heart and With Every Beat of My Heart were also serious contenders, but 1990's I'll Be Your Shelter is Dayne's best tune in my book.

Two things of note about Taylor Dayne: One, her real name is actually Leslie Wunderman.  And two, one of my twitter followers suggested I write about her because friends of his just hired her to play their wedding.  If you go to, she can apparently be booked for a mere $25,000 (related: Kevin Youkilis will play paintball with you for the bargain price of $3,600).

If you have a suggestion/request for an "Awesome Old Song of the Week," hit me up on twitter @LucidSportsFan, or by any other way you know how.

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