Thursday, August 28, 2014

Troublemaker Peyton Manning fined $8,258 by NFL for taunting

What a jerk.
That no-good punk Peyton Manning is up to his old tricks again, and today the NFL took swift and decisive action to nip his outlandish antics in the bud.

After D.J. Swearinger of the Texans knocked Manning's teammate Wes Welker out of a preseason game with a concussion last Saturday, Manning responded by viciously "getting in the face" (according to ESPN reports) of Swearinger following a touchdown pass later in the contest.  Manning was flagged for taunting on the play.

Despite his unruly reputation, the penalty was actually the first unsportmanlike conduct call of Manning's career.  The Broncos' quarterback showed little remorse afterwards, saying "Fifteen yards with five seconds left in the half doesn't hurt you that much. I think if you're going to get one that's a good time to get one."

Given a few days to contemplate his actions, the defiant Manning still refused to admit any wrong doing upon learning of the massive $8,258 fine levied down upon him by the league, calling it "money well spent."

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