Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today is the only day of the year that never has sports

OK, obviously there are sports of some kind being played today.  In fact, I believe the WNBA has a couple games on the schedule if you're interested.  However, the Wednesday after the MLB All-Star Game is the one day all year that never has a major pro sporting event (or even college for that matter).

Baseball is the only thing going for a large part of the summer, but it plays every single day except for this one if you include last night's exhibition, and the home run derby the evening before.  Outside of the MLB season there is always an NFL, NBA or NHL game taking place somewhere, with the exception of Christmas Eve.  However, if Christmas Eve happens to be a Sunday, the NFL still plays its full slate of contests.

Happy (or should I say sad?) "No Sports Day" everybody!

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