Friday, July 18, 2014

I may be starring in "The Hangover Part IV"

I'm flying to Atlantic City for a bachelor party this weekend.  We're staying here (not the one on the left, and not the one on the right, but the insane one in the middle):

I fully expect it to be exactly like this:

I love that clip.  One it's hysterical.  Two, the actress behind the counter is awesome; and not just for her looks, she's really funny too (here's the full scene of them checking in, definitely worth watching).  And three, it's got a great song in the background, T.I.'s Live Your Life (featuring Rihanna, who I'm a big fan of).

The actresses' name is Nathalie Fay.  She also played tiny roles as a flight attendant in Robert Downey Jr./Zach Galifianakis' Due Date, and a high school student in Old School (pictured).  I have no idea how she didn't land any bigger parts based off of the above scene.


  1. Welcome to NJ, avoid Tropicana and embrace Borgota. And dont mind the hoboes on the streets


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