Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thoughts on the Celtics and NBA draft day 2014

In the 25 years or so that I've been paying attention to the NBA draft, I've only even been really excited about one Celtics' pick: Paul Pierce in 1998 (the list of players they've taken is fairly unimpressive).  When he fell to Boston I remember being certain that Pierce was an absolute steal at #10.

Barring something highly unusual, or the C's deciding to use the 6th selection on unproven Indiana big man/local boy Noah Vonleh, I'm expecting to be pretty pumped about whoever the Celtics end up with tonight.  It's either going to be Julius Randle (Kentucky), Marcus Smart (Oklahoma State) or Aaron Gordon (Arizona), and all of them could be a lot of fun to have in Boston in the years ahead.

In case you're intending to watch the first round as closely as I am this evening, here are some players likely to be selected:

This is not a mock draft.  I hate mock drafts.  It's just a sort-of rankings list you can follow so when the Celtics are picking at #6 and #17 you can point to it and say "Whoa, that guy is still available?!" or "I can't believe they went with that guy" (unless my order turns out to be right, then it is a mock).

Of course trades are also a very real possibility.  If Boston isn't able to deal some of their picks for Kevin Love, they might go the other way and swap Rajon Rondo for more draft choices.  I'm not convinced that's a wise move.

Along with my distaste for draft predictions, I also can't stand all the garbage that qualifies as news in the days leading up to it.  I'll believe things are going to happen when they actually do.

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