Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I hate the NBA trade deadline circus

For anyone who follows the NBA, until 3 pm on Thursday the amount of available "news that is not news" is staggering.  Danny Ainge says he probably won't make a trade.  That's big news today.  But it's actually not, because he says that every year.  Over the weekend the Clippers said they want Kevin Garnett.  Of course they do, he's a great player.  But he doesn't wan't to go there, and LA won't offer the Celtics enough anyway.  None of this is news.  But anytime somebody says anything that is slightly different "non-news" than what they or someone else has already said, you have to report it.  Otherwise you'll be getting scooped by everybody else who is reporting it.

I'm curious to see if I could start a trade rumor that has Boston dealing the last guy on the end of their bench, Fab Melo, to Oklahoma City for Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and also get Kendrick Perkins back.  That would solve the Celtics big man, point guard, and scoring issues, and keep Garnett and Paul Pierce happy as well.  It's a no brainer.


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