Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sizemometer update: Red Sox visit Yankees, Grady Sizemore is in a dead heat with Jacoby Ellsbury

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After Grady Sizemore's dramatic Opening Day, I decided to start comparing the production of the Red Sox current bargain-basement reclamation project center fielder to those of the Yankees' $21 million guy who used to play for Boston.

As the 4-5 Red Sox open a series in New York tonight with the 4-5 Yankees, both Sizemore and Jacoby Ellsbury are batting exactly .364 on the season.

The above chart, aka the Sizemometer, represents the fantasy points accumulated by each player, with 1 point awarded for a single, run, RBI, walk, hit by pitch, and steal, 2 points for a double, 3 for a triple, and 4 for a home run.

While Ellsbury has outscored Sizemore 28-21 so far, he's done it by starting 8 games to Sizemore's 6 (they've each entered one contest without getting an at-bat); giving them identical 3.5 points per game averages.

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