Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rex Chapman did an impressive job at thrusting himself back into the limelight

Shortly before last night's NCAA title game, former Wildcat player and current broadcaster Rex Chapman sent out a tweet claiming Kentucky head coach John Calipari would be leaving to take the job with the NBA's LA Lakers.  After losing the championship, Calipari was forced to address the matter in the postgame press conference.  He vehemently denied it, as have the Lakers.  Here's my story for Celtics Life, including Chapman's tweet and quotes from Calipari.

I remember two things about Rex Chapman: He became the first Charlotte Hornet ever when the expansion team drafted him in 1988, and he always wore short shorts with long spandex underneath.  But I honestly don't believe I'd heard his name mentioned once since he lost to Dee Brown in the 1991 slam dunk contest (watch the video, it's spectacular).

So kudos Rex Chapman for a perfectly timed and well executed use of twitter to make yourself momentarily famous again two decades after everybody forgot about you.

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