Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Can you order custom-made genetically bred dogs online yet?

The way science and technology are going, there will come a time when parents are able to choose what they want their children to look like.  Maybe they'll just go to the doctor and fill out a form, checking off boxes for all the traits that they want included in their kid's genetic makeup.

I think this tiger-dog is fake, but I'm not sure...
But long before we get to that creepy Orwellian state of humanity, the same thing is going to happen with dogs.  And if it's not available yet, my guess is it will be very soon.

I'm envisioning a website that you click on, describe what you want your dog to be, charge your credit card, and three months later a puppy is delivered to your doorstep.

Honestly I'm not even sure if there are really any new moral/ethical issues being brought into play here.  The dog is a human invention anyway.

A long long time ago there were wolves.  People bred different sizes and shapes of them together in order to suit their own needs.  After thousands and thousands of years of this, every type of dog that currently exists on the planet today is a product of what we've done.  What I discussed above is just a much faster means to the same end.


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