Saturday, April 5, 2014

Glenn Close "Bring change to mind" schizophrenia commercial does the opposite of what it's meant to?

I first saw this ad last summer, and have had this idea on file ever since.  Now it's back on TV, so I'm going to write about it:

This commercial is absolutely terrifying (which can't be on purpose right?  If it is I'm so confused...), and I'm including the part that is supposed to make you feel safe and at home in the nice sunny kitchen.

The way the guy looks blankly into the camera is a little scary, and his pair of earrings definitely doesn't help.  Neither do the two women sitting at the table creepily staring straight ahead.  And when Glen Close jumps into the frame with that deathly white hair the first thing that comes to mind is Cruella De Vil, and the second is the crazy rabbit killer from Fatal Attraction.

Just a complete failure on so many levels.  How did the people at not see this?

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  1. Do you realize you are victim to the very stigma that the commercial is talking about, and guilty of the prejudice that the organization is trying to fight? The ad may or may not have been able to be directed better, but I find your perception of it to be contrary to everyone else. It seems your views on this man, and likely mental illness in general, are a matter of personal issues. With several media outlets criticizing the mentally ill so harshly amidst a few highly politicized shootings, it is possibly a residual effect that is alarmingly common. This commercial seems to have quieted some victims of that effect rather effectively.

    1. I'm not sure what "highly politicized shootings" you're referring to, but my point is simple: If you're trying to make people not afraid of something, I'd think you'd want to do it in the least creepy way possible.


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