Thursday, March 6, 2014 advertises to "build" your business a free facebook page. Yippee.

I've seen this commercial a bunch lately, and it irks me:

"I use facebook for myself, but I had no idea how to use it for my plumbing business." - Plumber guy

"They built me a facebook page, for free.  I couldn't believe it." - Glasses guy (pictured)

Who are these people?  And who does think they are fooling?  It's comical that they use the word "build" in reference to making a facebook page.  Facebook has already done all the building, setting up a page through it takes about 2 minutes.  So glasses guy can calm down about how amazing it is that will do that for free before charging you each month to maintain it, which is 99.9% work.  This is like if Dunkin' Donuts advertised giving you a free coffee cup, but then it costs you $1.99 every morning to drink out of it.

And how about plumber guy who uses facebook for himself, but has no idea how to use it for his business?  Really?  Did you try?  Because it's pretty much exactly the same thing.

There's also the fact that is at least five years too late on this idea.

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