Sunday, March 2, 2014 turns 3 years old today

By my calculations this is consecutive day number 1,097 with a blog post.  I'm now 41.7% of the way towards catching Cal Ripken's streak of 2,632 straight games.  Just a little more than four years to go... So that's all for today, I'm taking a quasi-day off.

One year ago.

Two years ago.

The very first post (and I know the date on it says March 3rd, but trust me, it's the 2nd.  Somehow the times got logged incorrectly in the beginning.  The Celtics game I wrote about in the second ever post was played on Wednesday, March 2, 2011).

Next year when it's a bigger deal they'll know not to schedule the Oscars on the same night.


  1. Cyber "High Five" to you, my friend.

    Thanks for maintaining such a cool place to visit!

    1. Thanks Abacus! Also, I just started writing for Bleacher Report.


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