Friday, March 7, 2014

Celtics Tankometer slips; Rajon Rondo keeps shooting threes and the Nets miss a lot of them

It was an up and down week for the Celtics.  After falling just short in a hard fought effort against the NBA best Indiana Pacers on Saturday, the C's didn't even bother to show up on Wednesday vs the Warriors; despite having had three straight days off and not even travelling.  Boston bounced back on Friday however, knocking off the Nets who'd won five of their last six. The Celtics out-rebounded Brooklyn 51-28, clearly a sign of effort.  The sum total off all this is enough to move the needle down 3% from last week.

Unrelated to the Tankometer but noteworthy from Friday night's contest, after setting a career high with 3 three-pointers in a game (and then upping it to 4 two nights later) less than month ago, Rajon Rondo drilled three of them in the first quarter alone vs the Nets.

Meanwhile Brooklyn went just 4-30 (13.3%) from downtown for the night.  According to the Nets were the first team to ever shoot 30 or more threes in a game while making 4 or fewer.

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