Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tidbits from the Celtics season ticket holders' "Open Practice Party"

Rookie Kelly Olynyk goes up for a dunk
I'm not sure what about it constituted a "party," but the practice was still fairly entertaining to watch.  The team didn't scrimmage as they have in the past, but they did play a variety of shooting games, including "knock out" with some kids from the crowd.  Rajon Rondo wasn't fully participating, however he was on the floor acting like a coach, rebounding misses and passing the ball back to teammates during shooting drills.  I was very impressed by how much effort he was putting into it, he really seemed focused on making crisp accurate passes.  That's not something I would have expected in this situation, and I think it suggests how eager he is to get back on the court playing.

 The funniest part of the night was the "yard sale" going on outside the stands in the concession area.  To raise money for charity the team was selling all kinds of leftover junk from previous seasons.  I use the word junk because the vast majority of it was outdated reading material and clothing that no regular sized human being could ever wear.  Media guides from 2011 for $1.  XXL practice t-shirts from years past for $20.  XXXXXL never worn Shaquille O'Neal game shorts for $50.  I decided not to plunk down fifty bucks for an unused pair of giant Kevin Garnett flip flops.

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